Policies and consent forms

Website statement

Welcome to our website, we hope you find everything you need on this site. We need you to be  aware that by continuing to use this website, you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which govern our relationship with you in relation to this website. You can read our Website statement here.

Patient privacy statement

This explains the information we collect about our patients as well as detailing how we store this information, how long we retain it (and with whom) and for which legal purpose we may share it. You can read our patient privacy statement here.

Privacy and data protection statement

St Andrew’s Hospice is committed to protecting your privacy, upholding your right to confidentiality and keeping any personal information that you share with us safe and secure.

This Privacy and data protection statement outlines how we will protect your right to Privacy and Confidentiality, how we keep your personal information safe and secure and includes information relating to your enforceable rights.


We would like to be able to keep in touch with you to let you know about our work within the community and provide information about the different ways in which you could support us to provide our specialist care. If you are happy for us to contact you, please click here and fill in the form. We promise we will never share your information with third parties.

Fundraising policy

Fundraising activities carried out by St Andrew’s Hospice will comply with all relevant laws, and the Fundraising Regulators Code of Practice along with the Fundraising Promise.

While acknowledging that donors usually have the best interests of the hospice at heart, St Andrew’s Hospice abides by the law which requires us, in deciding if a donation can be accepted or must be refused, to consider which action is in the hospice’s best interest overall.

We have a complaints procedure, a copy of which is available on request, by emailing [email protected] 

Complaints policy

We are always looking to improve our services and welcome feedback from all members of our community. If you have a concern you would like to raise, or wish to make a complaint about any aspect of our care or activities you, please be assured that this will not affect your care. You can read our complaints policy here.

Lottery rules

Playing the Big Fish Lottery is a fantastic way to provide ongoing support to your local hospice. There are a number of rules and procedures that you should be aware of before joining our lottery. These can be found below:


Contact Us

If you have any queries, concerns or complaints about your rights or how we are handling your data please do not hesitate to get in touch via this form.

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