Respite care

Respite care for children living with a life-limiting condition in North and North East Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire, Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Parenting can be demanding, but when your child has the additional needs of a life-limiting diagnosis, providing round-the-clock care can be physically and emotionally exhausting. That’s why we offer families short breaks (respite care); to let them relax, take a rest and do other things.

It could be that a family has a wedding to attend, has to travel for work or wants to spend some focussed time with their other children and each other – no matter what the need, having this time allows a family the chance to do things that they wouldn’t normally have chance to do, knowing that their child is being well cared for in a nurturing environment.

When a child comes to us for a short break, they’ll be settled in to one of our four themed children’s bedrooms, which provide a fantastical paradise for active imaginations to explore. Delicious home-cooked meals are provided by catering teams, and we are sure to be able to offer something that even the pickiest taste-bud will enjoy – children also have the opportunity to join us in baking tasty treats in our kitchen for the whole unit to enjoy together, perhaps over an evening film.

We firmly believe that all children do best when engaged in fun activities, suited to their age and level of physical and mental dexterity. By spending time with each child and their families, we soon learn what types of things they enjoy the most, and programme entertainment to suit.

Whether a child likes to spend time roaming our gardens and playing in the specialist play area, curling up with a film, taking a dip in our hydrotheraphy pool, or getting messy with the arts and crafts – we will make sure everyone is entertained. We even have a room dedicated to our teenage guests, with a wide screen TV and a range of games consoles – providing a space for them to relax and unwind.

Our team includes experienced non-medical prescribers (NMPs) who provide most of our prescribing and symptom management support here at Andy’s. We also benefit from medical support provided by a team of local GPs, so we are fully prepared and equipped should a child need additional medical care whilst staying with us.

Respite care at Andy’s can be booked 12 months in advance, so you can be sure that in accepting an invitation or booking a holiday, your plans won’t fall through because of childcare.

We have prepared a handy guide to let you know what to expect when your child comes to Andy’s for respite care. It is full of useful information, like what to pack, when to arrive and who you can expect to greet you.

Make a referral

We welcome referrals from families and professionals. Get in touch to talk to a member of the team about how we could help.

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