Join our growing list of lottery members. If you have any further queries, contact our lottery administration team on 01472 352323.

Regular Membership

The Smart Money Is On BIG FISH...

Would you like the chance of making a difference people with life-limiting illnesses in your community - and stand a realistic chance of winning up to £1,000 every single week?

Become a regular Big Fish Lottery member today and that's exactly what you will be doing!

Each lottery number you take costs just £1 a week. Please take as many as you can afford. In addition, each number gives you 17 chances of winning a fantastic cash prize every Friday, from the top prize of £1,000, plus £100, £50 and 14 chances of winning £25.

The examples below show what your lottery membership can pay for over a 12-month period...

  • 1 number - Funds the hospice gas bill for one day
  • 2 numbers - Funds two more people to be assessed to receive vital one-to-one hospice care
  • 3 numbers - Funds an entire day's care for an adult patient

Corporate Membership

How Your Organisation Can Make A Difference...

Are you considering how your organisation can support the region's leading charity? Why not become a corporate member of the Big Fish Lottery? For minimum effort, your business can start making a real difference to local people with life-limiting illnessess.

Publicise your lottery membership on your premises and in marketing material, demonstrate commitment to your local community and help us spread the word.

Each membership number costs just £1 per week and for every number you take, your business has 17 chances of winning a great cash prize of £1,000, £100 or £50, and 14 chances of winning £25 every Friday!

Direct debit payment (monthly or annually) is quick to set up and ensures that the maximum amount of your contribution is spent on hospice care.

Examples of what corporate lottery membership can provide...

  • 10 numbers (total £520 per year) - Funds three months worth of fuel for one vehicle.
  • 5 numbers (total £260 per year) - Funds four child assessments.
  • 3 numbers (total £156 per year) - Funds one day's care for an adult.
  • 2 numbers (total £104 per year) - Funds two adult assessments.
  • 1 number (total £52 per year) - Funds the hospice's gas bill for one day.