A greener hospice for a brighter future

In early 2019-20 the hospice embarked on an exciting programme of refurbishment that will result in substantial savings in the cost of energy (gas and electricity) whilst also reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring the comfort of our patients, staff and visitors who use the building

The refurbishment project follows an already successful initiative whereby all internalnew boiler from grant lighting zones of the Hospice were converted to LED technology. Funding for this important initiative was generously provided by the National Grid, Smart Energy, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service and the Screwfix Foundation

The latest planned refurbishment programme includes:

  • Replacement of the existing central heating boilers in the Children’s Unit with more efficient and environmentally-friendly gas-fired central heating boilers;
  • Provision of air conditioning to all twelve Adult in patient bedrooms. Having a central air-conditioning system within the adult clinical areas will protect both patients and staff from lengthy periods of high summer temperatures as experienced over recent years;
  • Fitting of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on Hospice roof areas. Apart from being environmentally friendly the solar panels will significantly save energy costs;
  • Replacing lighting in the car park for LED lights which use less energy and require less maintenance whilst providing a lovely quality of light which supports safety and security
  • Fitting solar window films to exterior facing windows in order to reduce interior temperatures.

To enable us to complete these works we were delighted and grateful to be successful in receiving grant funding from applications made to East Coast Community Fund (Orsted),  Help-For-Health and Yor4Good to make this work possible.

The improvement works commenced in 2020, and is now completed, we are confident that St Andrew’s Hospice will now be a more energy-efficient operation, benefiting both the environment and our patients who will enjoy a more comfortable environment whilst reducing running costs.

We would like to thank everyone involved for their helpful contributions towards these important developments.


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