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16 year old, 6ft tall Alfie is a happy teenager who sees the world with a child-like inquisitiveness and wonder. His charmingly innocent outlook is partially due to a rare form of epilepsy and developmental problems having limited his abilities to those of a typical 12-18 month old. Alfie is mute, but that does not stop him: he loves to explore, and be in his own “Alfie world”.

“To Alfie everything is a toy. At home space is limited, but at the hospice he has the space and freedom to explore safely to his heart’s content.” Carol, Alfie’s Mum.

Alfie very much relies on repetition; just as a young child thrives from being exposed to the same things again and again. He really enjoys time in the sensory room at the hospice, where bright lights and movements meet his love of exploration, which is otherwise limited due to his complex condition. He also has the opportunity for water play which has previously been difficult for him to access due to the obstacles public baths can present for a child with learning difficulties.

“It has been so nice to see Alfie brought out of his shell and being able to interact with others. The staff are fantastic and really get the kids under their care. Alfie even scowls if I pick him up too early!” Carol, Alfie’s Mum.

Alfie does not know malice: instead the characterful boy shows unconditional love to his family. At first it was – understandably – hard for Alfie’s family to put trust in someone else to care for him due to his complex needs, but with the hospice team’s support, they were able to slowly let go.

“Now we can just drop Alfie off and have complete peace of mind as the staff are more than capable, allowing a well-earned rest for all.” Carol, Alfie’s Mum

As Alfie is unable to sleep for more than 3 hours at a time, specialist furniture such as a safe bed is necessary for his wellbeing. The hospice has the correct equipment meaning his family do not have to worry about Alfie wandering in the dark during his stays at Andy’s.

“The amazing care at Andy’s means that this year we are able to go away with our other son to the beach, have fun in the sea, and do things others take for granted.” Carol, Alfie’s Mum.

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