Annie and Ella

Annie and Ella share a rare cardiac disease. More importantly, they share a magical friendship, bonded by much more than their diagnoses. They both have big personalities, big smiles and now a big connection to treasure.

“Andy’s has been a ‘safe space’ for the two. They don’t need to explain themselves as they both understand. The girls can talk about their problems and have a giggle!” – Ella’s Mum

“It’s like they’ve always known each other… they are typical teens who love YouTube, TikTok and girly chats.” – Annie’s mum

After lockdown started to lift, the girls were anxious about leaving the house but Andy’s was on hand to help, organising some fun-filled outings for them, giving them a chance to relax, catch up and get back into the world.

“Andy’s is like Ella’s second home. She can just chill: completely to escape the challenges of the world and have some ‘me time’ to recharge. Ella has been attending Andy’s for 4 years now and from the first day I have been confident that staff look after her as their own. As a single parent that is a great relief.” – Ella’s mum

Life for children with complex medical needs can be lonely. We’re so happy to have helped Annie and Ella form their very special friendship. Seeing them smile and knowing they feel supported is what Andy’s is all about.

Please do something important today and help us to Raise A Smile for children like Annie and Ella. Visit to help.


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