Glenn’s Story

“My name is Glenn,

It is fair to say that everyone has their ups and downs in life, yet it is easy to say I’ve drawn the short straw. Surely the shortest straw is for those terminally ill people? It’s easy to come to terms with the fact you are dying once you have had that cry in the hospital. But what is hard is watching your family knowing they share your pain.

I’ve thought for hours as to what I should say, but sometimes it’s all right in front of you, all you have to do is just see it from a personal view. To put it bluntly wellbeing is a life-line to my sanity and if it wasn’t for the hospice I doubt I would be alive today. Right from the door the staff greeted me with a smile and within the first few days of my time being here I was already becoming myself again. Wellbeing is a small part of the building that offers so much more but everywhere you go your treatment is of respect, friendship and love.

I feel as though I am more of a friend than a patient. If you need someone to speak to they are always there to listen, even when you’re having a bad day the staff adjust themselves accordingly to our needs. Even if I come in on a low I will always be going home on a high after being with them. It’s not just me either, you can watch all the patient’s eyes smile and the sense of achievement they feel during their time here at St Andrew’s, it might be a small achievement but the healthy pride that comes with it is worth it all. The wellbeing staff and volunteers don’t focus on what you can’t do but rather what you can do. It’s hard to articulate into words just how much it means to me so I recommend you call in and join a group for an hour or two with a mug in hand to really understand how great the place is.

I particularly like that my wife is always considered as well, we’ve not laughed this much in ages. All my adult life I’ve put others first, trying my best to help those in need. I never thought it would be me that needed the help, however I do. I feel very humble. Saying thank you very much doesn’t seem to be enough. But on behalf of Lillian and myself, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I want the staff to know that their friendship and dedication will forever be appreciated by me. You’ve given me the spirit back to face the future.

All my love, Glenn.”

Our services are a lifeline to Glenn and it’s with your donations that we are able to do this. Donate today.


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