Hektor’s sandy toes

Hektor is a very special little boy who is growing up in a very challenging world. His cerebral palsy, quadriplegia and development complications make him extremely sensitive to new environments. He spends most of his life being held for reassurance as he has previously suffered seizures when he gets upset. Hektor is at the age when all families start to think of schooling. If school is to be an option, Hektor needs to accept his buggy so the nursing staff at Andy’s started looking for ways to build up his tolerance to new experiences. Hektor smile

“We knew that to help Hektor in his next steps, we needed to get him out into the world. Living close to the coast, we thought a trip to the beach would be perfect, letting him feel the sand between his toes and the sea breeze in his hair. So we took him out to play on the sand. Managing the journey itself was a huge achievement for Hektor, and we were so proud of him. When he felt the sand on his feet and the wind on his face it was priceless – his smile shone brighter than the sun! Another family heard his giggles and stopped us to say how wonderful it was. The fact that total strangers could appreciate this made
the day perfect.”

Hektor’s mum, Amy, said “I’m so happy that Hektor has been able to do this – other boys and girls his age get to go to the beach for a treat and the fact that now Hektor has too just means so much to me.”

At Andy’s, we always try to make special moments happen for our patients, making sure each family is helped to meet their important milestones. A trip to the seaside is such a simple thing to so many of us – but to Hektor it meant the world and opens the door to school being a real possibility for him.

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