Home away from home for Madison Parry

Madison Parry was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. This is an incurable condition which restricts her mobility, causes tiredness and breathlessness and means she is unable to eat, so needs to be fed through a gastrostomy tube. Madison will receive palliative surgery throughout her life to make her more comfortable as her symptoms develop. Her family hope that, in spite of all of her medical conditions and interventions, she will always remain the happy, chatty and fun girl that she is now!

Sheila Saunders a nurse from our children’s unit describes her as “lovely little girl who is always happy, whether playing on her own or making new friends and joining in with other children. She loves to do her own thing and we really enjoy hearing her chattering away to everyone at Andy’s when she comes to visit us. Madison is one of those children who make the whole room happy, and it’s a joy to see her.”

Madison and her family have been coming to Andy’s for a couple of years now, and travel from Bourne to access this specialist care.  Madison particularly loves taking part in the arts and crafts activities. Madison’s mum Felicity says “Andy’s is our little piece of heaven where we can be a family without medical intervention and just enjoy time together. It offers us something that nobody else can offer. It gives us the time to be normal even if it’s for a short while and allows us to do things with our other children. When Madison sleeps over at Andy’s, we get the chance to fully relax and get a good night’s rest, ready for the next day.”

Felicity goes on to say “Our other children want to do things like visit Santa and go to Disney Land, and we know that these things just wouldn’t suit Madison so weren’t able to go. Andy’s gives us somewhere that we know that Madison will be happy and well-cared for whilst we take her siblings to do these things our other children want to do. Andy’s is a home away from home for Madison, but also adds enrichment to her brother’s and sister’s lives too.”

At Andy’s, we work with families on an individual basis to make sure they receive appropriate care and support whilst injecting a good dose of fun, laughter and smiles too.

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