Lily-Mae at The Retreat Hair Studio

Lily-Mae goes to The Retreat Hair Studio for a hair makeover!
Lily-Mae attends Andy’s children’s services as her medical conditions means that she is unable to see, walk or talk – though that doesn’t mean she doesn’t communicate as she particularly loves to laugh and giggle!

One of her favourite things is going to the hair studio at Andy’s – this in itself is a huge statement as she really used to dislike having her hair cut, and appointments have always been a balancing act between her physical and emotional needs. However, at The Retreat they understand her requirements and this allows her the space to bring her personal equipment with her, including a standing frame which supports her in keeping an upright position, and because of this she is able to have as much of a traditional hairdressing experience as possible. This would not be easy or possible at a high street salon, where space limitations and time pressures do not allow for such a personalised, specialist service.

Lily-Mae’s dad Antony is extremely happy to be able to see her get her hair done and although this is a usual experience for many, it is a special moment for Lily-Mae and her family. Antony goes on to say “the absolutely amazing thing with this is that we got to take Lily-Mae’s stander with us. Because Lily-Mae isn’t able to support herself, it can be dangerous if she throws her had back around the scissors. It was just so lovely for me as her father to see her stood up looking so grown up with her hair down. It was a lovely experience and we will never forget it. It was so unique for us to experience a proper young lady getting her hair cut, like so many other young ladies do and at The Retreat Lily-Mae is included, rather than excluded.”

Lily-Mae has been at Andy’s since she was 6 years old and has recently celebrated turning 10! Antony says “It’s really difficult to explain the impact that Andy’s has had on our life together. They’re our support group when life is stressful and frustrating, they’re our comfort when we’re uncertain and they give us the time we need to pick ourselves up, rebuild and carry on.”

At Andy’s, we always try to make special moments happen for our patients, making sure each family is helped to meet their important milestones, whether it’s a haircut they want or general support they need from us, we personalise our services for the needs of our patients and their families.

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