Taking place at St Andrew's Hospice

We've gone through a transformation over the last two years. Not only have we opened a new adult hospice and refreshed the children's hospice, we've also opened The Retreat; a health and wellbeing centre, to look after our patients and their families/carers holistically. Scroll down to find out more...

It's not too late to help - and make your mark on our new building. Show your support by participating in the Buy a Brick campaign. As George Kavanagh, our 11-year-old hospice ambassador, says: "Be a brick and buy one!" There are varying options...

Real bricks cost £250 and become part of a wall just outside the hospice entrance. This brick can be engraved with up to 22 characters, including spaces and hyphens. Forms can be obtained from the hospice reception, email hello@standrewshospice.com or click here to download a form or buy online.

Virtual bricks can only be purchased online, costing £25, using one of five designs (which is chosen at checkout). Your brick will be added to our virtual wall below, which is also on permanent display in the hospice's reception. You will also receive an emailed certificate.

Engraved leafs are on display in the hospice's reception area. Each leaf can be engraved with a name, if requested. Prices are: £50 for a Copper Beech Leaf; £100 for a Silver Birch Leaf; and £150 for a Golden Oak Leaf.

For our organisational supporters we have a corporate brick, which can display the company logo and a message of support or just the company name.

Please purchase one of the bricks or leaves, click here, choose your brick or leaf and make your donation today!






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