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Have You Ever Considered Doing Something Really Amazing?

Would You Like To Face Your Own Personal Challenge?

​If your answer to these questions is yes, then why not do something amazing today and sign up to become an "Everyday Hero" for St Andrew's Hospice.

The Everyday Hero Personal Challenge is you deciding what would be a challenge for you and deciding to face that challenge in order to help local adults and children who use the services of St Andrew's Hospice.

What you decide to do is up to you, but whatever you choose, you will be helping to make a difference, doing something to be proud of!

What Sort Of Things Can I Do?

Get Trekking!

Do an overseas trek such as the Rocky Mountain Trek or the Peru Inca Trail, walk the Great Wall of China, cross the Grand Canyon, follow in the footsteps of the Dalai Lama or hike the Sahara Desert.  Stay closer to home and trek along the Pembrokeshire Coast or Hadrian's Wall.  Do something different and get involved with Trek Fest or Fright Hike.  Or, you could organise your own long distance walk, e.g. Coast to Coast, the Viking Way or Great Highland Way.  With numerous long distance footpaths across the whole of the UK - the possibilities are endless.

Get On Your Bike!

Team DransfieldPump up those tyres and pull on the lycra, then hit the road on a long or short distance cycle ride.  You could ride through Death Valley, do the Costa Rica Coast to Coast, cycle through Africa, Vietnam, India or America, or take part in the London to Paris or Euro City Cycle.  Stay in the UK and do Land's End to John O' Groats or one of the Coast to Coast routes, or take part in the Edinburgh City Night Ride.  If an organised trip is not for you, then organising your own long distance ride is easy - See the Sustrans site for a network of cycle routes that traverse the whole country.

Get Running!

Andrew WickenWhy not sign up for a marathon, half marathon, 10K, 5K or fun run and raise sponsorship for St Andrew's Hospice.  The Hospice does not hold any bond places for any marathons or runs, but we always appreciate it when a runner receives a place and chooses to support us. The London marathon is probably the most famous, but if you can't get a place, there are now marathons taking place across the length and breadth of the UK from the Isle of Man to Stornoway, Manchester to Mablethorpe.  For something a bit shorter, you could try the Lincoln, Hull or Scunthorpe 10K.  A really challenging event is the Brentwood Blackout - a 5K multi lap, cross country night run with obstacles; or one of the many overseas marathons such as Victoria Falls or Rift Valley.


Aim High!

Jason McCuskerFrom high peaks to low peaks, at home and abroad, climb every mountain and meet your own personal challenge several thousand feet above see level.  Summit the world's highest freestanding mountain and climb to the top of Kilimanjaro, conquer Everest, or go climbing in the Himalayas, Alps or Atlas Mountains.  If you don't want to go abroad then there are high places in the UK too - Climb Ben Nevis, take one of the 3 Peaks Challenges or conquer the 24 peaks of the Lake District in 24 hours.  You can also aim high with your feet off the ground,  take part in our Superhero Skydive, try wingwalking, abseiling, bungee jumping or zip wire riding.


Do Something Different!

The Old Lloyds Arms FundraisersIf you want your personal challenge to be something really different then the possibilities are endless.  You could go white water rafting on the Zambezi, take the India motorcycle challenge or drive a sled through the ice and snow of northern Norway and Sweden on the Lapland Husky Trail. Conquer three challenges in one by doing a triathlon or even swim the channel.  If you would rather stay closer to home, then you could always do an activity marathon at your local gym, or dance in the street like the guys and girls below!

Why not contact us and ask for a copy of our Challenge Event Brochure - just call pur fundraising team on 01472 350 908 for more details.

How Do I Get Involved?

Contact us and ask for a copy of our Challenge Event Brochure to give you some ideas or decide on what you want to do. Remember that your personal challenge should be something that is fun or that you have always wanted to do. Whatever you choose you will feel a great sense of achievement once you have completed it.

Once you have decided what you want to do, decide how you want to do it.  Would you rather take part in an organised event or plan your own?

If you would rather take part in an organised event then there are a number of companies that offer packages.  The Hospice is partnered with Global Adventure Challenges, but if you would prefer to use another company that is fine. Should you choose a different company and have trouble signing up for an event and choosing the Hospice as your charity, then please contact us, we can easily resolve this as it is usually just a case of use needing to register or re-register with the company concerned.

If you are organising your own challenge event, or signing up for an individual event such as a marathon, then please let us know and we will offer all of the support that we can in respect of helping with materials and publicity.

Each year the Hospice organises a number of local challenges that you can get involved with including, the Superhero Skydive, Sleepwalk and Men's World Cup Party 5K - details of these events can be found here on our website and you can even register online.


Once you have signed up for your Everyday Hero Challenge, whether this be one of our organised Hospice events, an event organised by a challenge event company or you are going it alone; we will give you all of the support that we can to reach your fundraising target.

As soon as you let us know what you are doing and when you are doing it, we will send you a registration pack which includes:

  • Personalised sponsorship forms
  • Posters that can be used to publicise your event - these are particularly good for pinning-up alongside sponsor forms in your workplace or elsewhere.
  • Flyers, with details of what you are doing, when you are doing it and some information about the Hospice which may be useful to hand to potential sponsors.
  • A copy of our fundraising guide.

An easy way to fundraise is to set up an online giving page, this way you can easily let your friends, family and colleagues know what you are doing by e mailing them the link, or by sharing the link on your social networking sites.  People can then donate simply and easily online and all of the money comes directly to the Hospice.

In order to make this even easier, St Andrew's Hospice have teamed up with the online giving site, Heroix Everyday Hero. The site can be accessed by clicking the link on the home page and setting up your personalised fundraising page is easy, you can even add photographs.  Even better, unlike some of the other online giving platforms, Heroix do not charge large fees for administering donations.

Everyone can be a Hero - Sign up to your Personal Challenge today and become an Everyday Hero for St Andrew's Hospice

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