Taking place at Lucarly's (Wilton Road, Grimsby) on Sunday, 18 August 2019

From 12pm

Hosted by Michelle Aslin to raise money for the charities that have helped her son and many other children.

Children’s Heart Surgery Fund

They are so amazing, they help children kick CHD’s butt! Thousands of children are able to survive because of CHSF. The donations they receive all go towards new equipment for the ward, toys, consoles, theatre equipment and lifesaving machines

St. Andrew’s Hospice

They make life so much easier for life limited children, they help the kids to live a normal fulfilled exciting life, days out, crafts, swimming etc... nothing is too much and nothing is impossible.

Little Hearts Matter

This charity is the biggest support for parents who have either just been told the devastating news their child has a CHD, or are living daily with the disease. They support families through all different milestones like starting school etc...They also do tons of research on CHD too.

The Sick Children’s Trust

Without this charity we wouldn’t have been able to stay with Reggie when he’s in hospital we’d have had to stay in a hotel or worse travel nearly 2 hours to be with him. The houses they let to families are like a home from home, right at the hospitals. They are all over the country, keeping families together through sad times. They are life savers.


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