Every single one of our volunteers is incremental to the smooth operation of our services.


Volunteering for us is a rewarding and interesting experience allowing you to learn new skills, use your abilities to help others and meet some fantastic people. It is an incredibly fulfilling feeling to know that your work is aiding those in your community at a time when they and their family most need it.

““Do it. Take the first step. It is a hard step to take but everyone will be so welcoming and warm towards you that you will not regret it for a second”.

Read about volunteer Cheryl’s experience helping out with the communications team at St Andrew’s Hospice.


We offer a variety of voluntary roles ranging from Admin & Marketing to Unit Support, Support and Wellbeing Services to Retail, each individually as essential as the next.  Perhaps you have a particular interest in assisting with artistic activities or expertise in income generation, our team are happy to help find the area that might be best for you.

Whenever you are able to offer your time for whatever length, we would be incredibly grateful of your aide however, we do ask that you commit to a minimum of 7 hours on a regular basis to allow for consistency and stability in our services.


All of our volunteers will be provided with excellent and informative induction training alongside like-minded individuals wishing to make each moment count.


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Join the team

To join our wonderful team of volunteers, please download and complete the relevant application form and return it to [email protected]

1. Onsite Volunteer – Application Form 2022

2. Retail Operations Volunteer – Application Form 2022

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