We're calling on all of our wonderful supporters to join us in the 2.6 challenge!

From Sunday 26 April 2020, the challenge is to dream up an activity based around the numbers 2.6 or 26 and donating on our Just Giving page: http://ow.ly/TVhM50zh3Lt

Taking up the 2.6 Challenge can be something as simple as walking or running 2.6 miles, 2.6 kms - or 26 press-ups, 26 minutes walking round the garden. It can be a sponsored activity, or a donation - £2.60 or £26 - whatever is affordable - it all adds up and will make a difference for our hospice.


All we're asking is that you do two challenges and donate to our Just Giving page once you've completed them: http://ow.ly/TVhM50zh3Lt

Some ideas for your challenges:

  • Run 2.6 miles or for 26 minutes (indoors, outdoors or on the spot)
  • Do a 26 minute bike ride
  • Do 26 football keepie uppies or headers
  • Do 26 sofa-triceps dips 
  • Jump 26 times on a trampoline
  • Walk 2.6km around your house
  • Stretch with 26 minutes of Pilates or yoga
  • Pogo for 2.6 minutes without stopping or a bounce ball
  • Take your dog for a 26 minute walk
  • Put on some music and dance for 26 minutes
  • Hold the plank position for 26 seconds or 2.6 minutes (156 seconds!) 
  • Do 26 star jumps
  • Hop on each leg 26 times
  • Juggle for 26 minutes or just 2.6 minutes
  • Do some gardening for 26 minutes
  • Build a tower out of 26 different objects
  • 26m three legged race
  • Find 26 items that start with each letter of the alphabet
  • Draw 26 rainbows
  • Build the biggest lego tower in 2.6 minutes
  • Sponsored silence for 2.6 minutes
  • Read 26 books with the kids
  • Who can fill up the most water balloons in 26 minutes
  • Get 26 friends together for a virtual workout
  • Bake 26 cookies or cakes
  • Do a 26 minute meditation session

Make sure you tag us in your challenges on social media!


For more information on The 2.6 Challenge, visit twopointsixchallenge.co.uk


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