Here's part two of their diary...

You may have read about three biker friends who are currently on a trip to Norway and back to raise funds for Andy's at St Andrew's Hospice.

Mike Cowling, Sherwood Barker-Grimshaw and Syd Dawson have all been riding bikes since they were little. Now all of them are OAPs and still have the desire to ride... and embarked on a trip of a lifetime.

Each carried a small teddy bear to represent the hospice on the 5,000-mile trip, and we are pleased to say we've heard from them for a second time. Bear Little Syd and  his friends Little Mike and Little Woody have sent the second part of their diary to the hospice.

If that wasn't enough, the trio are also taking part in the Round Britain Rally, a 6 month challenge to visit a designated checkpoint in every county of England, Scotland and Wales, some counties even have two checkpoints. It is estimated that if they complete this, they will add another 7,500 miles onto the odometer before October.  

A close friend has needed the services of Andy's, the children's hospice at St Andrew's, and they felt it a worthwhile cause to support. Read the first part here and donate to their fundraising page here.

Day Eleven.We have done 177 miles today. Leaving Alta we rode down to Kalford and spent a couple of hours looking around Terpit Museum then had to find our way back on to the e6 going south. We followed the coast road through Baddren tun Sorkjosen. There wasn't much to see as it is almost always raining or fine mist, we could just see the shoreline in places but no further. We have travelled a long way to seeing little! Skidotn was our next stop for the night and managing to find a 4-birth hut with 2 sets of bunks, kitchen facilities for 500kr. That works out at £50 between the three of us, which is good value compared with  a lot of place we have stayed.

I keep saying we but "we" are still sat on the bikes - whatever the weather day and night. It's our Dads that get the huts, hotels and b&b's and occasionally the tents. At least they have got the hang of putting them up now!

Day Twelve

Leaving Skibotn we have done 255 miles today: down through Andselv on the A10 onto Fiskoy, through a series of tunnels, to Svolvaer and then to the campsite at Kebelvag. We have a hut for two nights as it is the weekend. Just for a change it has rained again and is forecast for tomorrow too, so I still have a soggy bottom! The campsite owner lent the dads his car to have a ride around the area. The campsite is next to a range of hills and other other side it was dry and lovely weather, so they finally saw a view or two.

Day Thirteen

We are on the road again after long discussions of which route to take to get home. We made our way to Lodigen to catch a ferry to Bognes on mainland Norway, where we had breakfast and coffee (at least, the dads did). Going through tunnels under the mountains saved us from some of the rain for 6km and funnily enough, it was fine the other end. We then headed south on the E06 towards Fauske, where they stopped for more coffee and a sticky bun - they are always eating! Now they stop at the Arctic Circle Centre for photos and guess what... an ice cream! More filming and photos until we reached the pre-booked campsite at Strogly. Much to our surprise, we ended up with an apartment in an old timber barn. It was excellent and so was the weather for a change. Beautiful sunshine and 266 miles that day, so not a bad run.

Day Fourteen

At 8.45am, everything was all packed up so we could go to the Arctic Motorcycle Museum only to find it was closed - hope that's not an omen for the day ahead! We were back on the E06 to Mo I Rana, through more tunnels and on to Mosieen for fuel and a meal. It was 251 miles today.

Day Fifteen 

On the E6 south to Trondheim. We then turn onto the E39 to Halas where there is a short ferry crossing to Molded, then onto Andalsnes to a campsite for the night. Most of the area was booked up as there was a jazz festival on, not that we heard anything... typical. After back tracking eight miles to a site at Torvik. It was on a slope and dad stalled it, so it fell in a big heap, me included! I and the bike were OK luckily, just red faces all round! Help was needed to pick up the bike as it is so heavy. Not me - I weigh very little as I am Little Syd.

Day Sixteen

Up early today thanks to all the lorries on the road next to the site, so we head to down to Andalsnes  again to Circle K fuel station for breakfast for both us and the bikes. One of the highlights of the trip was the Trollstigen Pass (also known as the Troll Ladder) There are some fantastic views and viewing platforms to walk out on for great photo opportunities. After taking advantage of this, we went down the other side and took a ferry to Eldsdal. Here there were endless  strawberries growing and ripe for picking. But dad doesn't like them, so no stopping here. Next we came across Geiranger Fjorden, which is a steep-sided rock face which the cruise liners have to navigate to get to the town of Geiranger. There were two huge liners anchored up so the road in and out was full of tour busses taking people to view the sights, which were some of the best of the whole trip! It was one of the longest but the best day of the trip - except Nordkapp of course.

Day Seventeen

Oslo to Goteburg was pretty a uneventful run. The ferry went over to Keil in Germany overnight and saved us two days of travelling. The dads had a nice meal and good night's sleep. For us it was a dark, damp stay in the ship's hold.

Day Eighteen

It is a long day travelling to Rotterdam for the ferry back to Hull. The others decide to go home early too but their ferry was Hook of Holland to Harwich, same as they came. We all arrived home on Sunday but we got home first. All in all, it was a good trip and raised some funds for Andy's at St Andrew's Hospice in the process. We would like to thank everyone to donated and and helped to make the trip possible. The fundraising site is still open if you would like to donate - every little helps and it is a worthy cause.


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