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Are you holding an event to raise money for us? Thank you! Please get in touch to let us know about it… we can help you too, by providing official documentation and other support, publicity and more.

Challenge Events

Here’s what some of our hospice heroes have done to raise vital funds…

  • Ross Martinelli swam the River Humber
  • Bridge McFarland completed the Three Peaks Challenge
  • A group of cyclists completed a Coast To Coast, from Southport to Cleethorpes
  • Les Wood sang continuously for five hours

From a tough mountain trek to a gentle 5K walk, what you decide to take on is up to you, but it’s guaranteed to make you proud! And here’s how to do it…

  1. Choose your challenge
    Let us know what you’re doing and when. We will supply you with sponsorship forms and other support.

  2. Start an online fundraising page
    You can start a fundraising page by visiting the EveryDay Hero website. We use Everyday Hero over other online giving platforms because it costs us nothing.

  3. Shout about it!
    Tell everyone what you’re doing and why!

Everyone can be a hospice hero. Here are some more ideas…

How about a sponsored slim, head shave or body wax? Wearing shorts for an entire year? Hosting a Come Dine With Me-style party night at your home and charging guests to attend? Spend the night in a haunted house... the wackier the better, and the possibilities are endless! Phone the Income Generation team on 01472 350908.

Get trekking

Whether that’s the Great Wall of China or Hadrian’s Wall. If you prefer something closer to home, how about our annual Scare Hike or Sparkle Midnight Walk? Organise your own long distance walk, or even a short distance one.

Get on your bike!

From the classic London to Paris cycle ride, Coast to Coast or a route of your own. If you don’t fancy travelling far, how about a sponsored exercise bike ride?


Pull on those running shoes for a marathon, half marathon, 10k, 5k or a fun run.

Climb a mountain

Climb a mountain, from Mont Blanc in the Alps to Ben Nevis or just over the border on the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge. Aim high and take on a skydive (we organise one each year), a wing walk, abseil or bungee jump.

Be a Tough Mudder

Be a Tough and sign up for the famous obstacle course designed by the Special Forces. Try a triathlon or an endurance swim.

The possibilities are endless!


Running a Raffle?

If you’re having a raffle, there are three types:


You do not need a licence if it’s taking place in a workplace, educational establishment or club. Tickets can only be sold to people at these locations and not to the public. The draw must take place at the premises where the tickets were sold and on the same day.


If the raffle is not the focus of the event, no licence is necessary. There must be no cash prizes, and prizes cannot exceed £250 in value. Ticket sales and the draw must take place at the event.


If the raffle is open to the public and tickets are sold over a length of time, it must be registered with your local authority. There must be a named promoter, who takes full responsibility for the raffle.

For more advice and guidance, call the Income Generation team on 01472 350908.



The Legal Stuff

If your event is open to the public, you will need Public Liability Insurance. Check with the venue, as you may be protected under their policy. If not, there are several insurance companies which offer this coverage.

A public licence is required by law if two or more people are performing and/or dancing. For indoor events, your venue may have a valid licence and you’ll be covered. If not, you must apply for a licence from your local authority at least three months in advance. Outdoor events require a licence, and notify the police as well as your local authority if you’re expecting a crowd.

If you want to serve alcoholic drinks, you will need to obtain an Alcohol Licence from your local magistrates’ court at least one month in advance if the venue you’re using doesn't already have one. Alternatively, publicans hold such licences and you may be able to find a friendly publican to run the bar on your behalf.

Food safety laws are in force when food is available at an event, even if you are not selling it. For food hygiene procedures, contact your local council.