We wanted to pay tribute to Greg Stratford, who some of you may know as ‘Batman’. For over 4 years Greg has been dedicated to supporting St Andrew’s Hospice in any way that he could, what people may not have realised is that he was also battling terminal cancer at this time.

His extraordinary efforts led him to raise well over £21,000 for our hospice which has made, and will continue to make such a big difference in helping us to provide specialised palliative care in the local community.

This year alone Greg raised over £10,000 just through his Only Fools and Horses Parody fundraiser, where he and his Brother-In-Law Alan dressed up as Batman & Robin and took to the streets of Grimsby and Cleethorpes to film the famous scene from television sitcom – ‘Only Fools & Horses’.

That was not enough for them though, they took it one step further and held a premiere night with 170 guests to show everyone their film and raise even more money. It was obvious that he put his whole heart into fundraising with the support of his family and friends. His record breaking fundraiser this year even led him to receive a special gift from Sir David Jason.

Sadly, Greg passed away earlier this month. We would like to give our sincere condolences to his family. Greg would always put a smile on our faces when he visited the hospice, as he did with many in the local community and we were always excited to hear what crazy fundraising idea he had up his sleeve next.

Thank you Greg for your dedicated support, you’ll be missed incredibly.

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