There are a few items we need for our Ebay team...

For just over a year now, our Ebay shop has been selling unusual and interesting donated items to people all over the world, and raising much-needed funds for the hospice.

We are hoping you can help support our Ebay team by finding the following items to donate:

  • Good sets of weighing scales. We need a few, to help our volunteers process items.
  • Rolls of fabric that are 8ft wide and about 40ft long in white and grey - this is for backdrops when we photograph items.
  • A large length of flexible curtain track and curtain heading tape.

Through appealing for donations of these sort of items, we keep costs down and help make each day count for the people who need us.

If you can help, get in touch with Mark Cadey-Gell on 01472 349986 or

Thank you!

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