A special exhibition and bidding opportunity are available for arts and craft lovers at St Andrew’s Hospice in Grimsby.

A special exhibition and bidding opportunity are available for arts and craft lovers at St Andrew’s Hospice in Grimsby. 

Items on display in the Hub at the Peaks Lane site in the North East Lincolnshire town come from the personal collection of Ann Limbrick. 

Each item was created by Ann’s mother, Joyce Francis, who was a long-time supporter of the hospice and who sadly passed away late last year. 

The exhibit of pottery, embroidery and pictures – all created by Joyce – also includes the opportunity to bid on three items, a chair, picture and a vase. 

Ann has kindly loaned the items to the hospice for display and she hopes that this will inspire others to follow suit. 

“My mum was always artistic,” said Ann. 

“After leaving school, she went to Art College and then worked as a trainee tracer for Hudswell Clarkes, a small engineering firm making steam engines in Leeds – it was here she met my dad.” 

A keen potter for many years, Joyce created many wonderful pieces until an unfortunate accident left her without the power in her arms to work a potters’ wheel. 

Ann said: “One of my earliest memories is of Mum ‘escaping’ each week to go to pottery class. 

“This continued when she moved to Grimsby in the 1960s, until the year my dad died in 1984. 

“In November that year, mum was climbing to put a pot on a high shelf when she fell, and in reaching out to save herself, she broke both arms. 

“It meant that she was never strong enough after that to throw a pot on a wheel and she never went back to it.” 

But this setback was merely temporary and another of Joyce’s hobbies would lead her down a new creative path. 

Ann continued: “When mum moved to Grimsby she was persuaded by a neighbour to join the Waltham Women’s Institute, of which she became a member for about 50 years. 

“During this time she was a committee member and also president. 

“She particularly enjoyed the needle work group – the class was taken by Mrs Black and she learnt tapestry, black work, gold work and many other disciplines. 

“When Mrs Black retired, another teacher could not be found, so mum took on the role to keep the class going. 

“She also took craft lessons for the WI and was often asked to act as a judge. 

“She was a very skilful needle woman who could not only follow a pattern but enjoyed making her own original pictures.” 

Some of the items displayed in the hospice include original pieces based on gardens and landscapes in Windsor, St Albans and Italy, amongst others. 

“Mum was a keen supporter of the hospice,” said Ann. 

“She would often open her home to exhibit her handcrafted items and serve refreshments to help raise money for the hospice, particularly during the fundraising for the new hospice building.” 

The exhibits are on display in the Hub at St Andrew’s Hospice in Grimsby until Thursday 1 March. Bids for the items are welcome via a closed bidding system in the box provided – the auction will be made on Friday 2 March. For further details, please contact Sue Ney in Creativity on 01472 571 255. 

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