Lynn Croudson received care at St Andrew's Hospice.

The family of Lynn Croudson, who passed away recently following care at St Andrew's Hospice, have given us permission to publish the following words, which were read at her funeral.

“When Lynn needed the support of some respite at St Andrew's Hospice, none of us knew what to expect - but we quickly discovered what a truly incredible place it is, not only in the special care that they gave to Lynn but in the way they cared for all of us who visited.

"This special care was given by nurses, doctors, kitchen staff, cleaning staff, volunteers and Karen, the chaplain, who is here with us today.

"Initially they were all a little startled at the amount of visitors Lynn had, but  what had been happening at home for months just moved with Lynn to the hospice.

"We even joked that we almost needed a separate visitors book just for Room 3 and later Room 12. 

"It didn't take long for them to realise just how special and how loved this lady was.

"In amongst all of this sadness - and a distinct lack of biscuits if Steven had visited - it was such a time of togetherness for us all - with friends and family sharing precious moments with Lynn and each other.

"We became such a close group that Lynn had brought together - and we united as one."

Thank you so much to Lynn's family for their kind words.

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