Much-loved therapy dog Bonnie, a regular visitor to the hospice, has passed away.

Bonnie, one of our much-loved therapy dogs, has passed away.

Here, her owner Vicky Burn, writes in her own words about what an inspiration Bonnie has been...

We were absolutely devastated at the loss of Bonnie, our much-loved pet and also therapy dog who worked tirelessly in Grimsby for over seven years, including visits to the hospice.

Bonnie was a rescue dog and was seven years old when we were lucky enough to become her forever family in 2008.  She died last Thursday, 27th April, aged 16. 

We have received over 700 messages of sympathy so far and this is testament to the work that she did and just how much she was loved by all who met her. 

Although she retired two years ago, people have never forgotten her and since her retirement she also went on to completely cure four children of severe dog phobias, working with them each Saturday – work that she loved to do, when visiting establishments became too much for her.

Here are a few messages that I have received:

“I have always been in awe of Bonnie, her tremendous work and the bond and very special relationship with you Vicky”

“No words will ever do this amazing fantastic dog justice.  She was an angel on four paws”

“Seldom I am lost for words, but I am now.  Dogs like Bonnie are so rare, we have to say thank you for such a blessing”

“Many humans could learn from Bonnie – patient, kind, gentle and sweet always”

“My whole family will be forever grateful for the work with our children.  She is our hero”

“Bonnie changed family life for us for the better.  Whatever would we have done without her, she came into our lives when we needed help, and gave it”

“Simply – when all else failed me, Bonnie didn’t – she gave me back my life”

We will miss her dreadfully, but the Bonnie Burn Memorial Trophy will be presented next year at Crufts in her memory.  She was very special, known throughout the UK, not just locally and had won every trophy possible for therapy dogs. 

The most recent was a lifetime of devotion medal and also the Jazz Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Work with Children. 

RIP Bonnie girl.


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