Here's a big thank-you to the supporters of our appeal.

We are a home from home. Come and go as you please... bring your pets... order takeaways... here at St Andrew’s Hospice, it's all about the patient and their family.

Thanks to the dedicated support of the local community, we have redeveloped the area's only hospice over the last two years into a state-of-the-art facility, providing free care for babies, children and adults with life-limiting illnesses.

Hospice care is holistic; the health and wellbeing of not only the patient, but their family, friends and carers  too are equally important. We offer so much more than medical care,  from complementary therapies and day trips to counselling and spiritual support.

We recently asked for support to completing our Garden of Contemplation; a place of remembrance, meditation and reflection, where everyone can go to enjoy quiet and private time. 

This area - which is open to everyone, not just those who have a connection to the hospice - is already a poignant place.  It is home to a wall of bricks, engraved with the names of loved ones, lost ones and supporters, as well as simple, heartfelt messages.

As people take in the wall, they glance down and realise with pleasant surprise that the slabs underneath their feet are also engraved, again with names and messages.

At the moment, the area is not a garden - and this is where we need your help. As part of a wider landscaping appeal, we launched an online campaign and were lucky that some kind people helped.

So here's a big thank-you to:

  • Luke Falconer
  • Laura Dent
  • Mary Wilson
  • Rob Penrose
  • Carol Sandford
  • Martin McNee's family
  • Megan McNee's family
  • Lucy Wood

Contemplation and mindfulness is something we don't do enough of in our busy day-to-day lives. Thanks for contributing towards making this project a reality.

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