Members of our Gardening Club have written a poem to mark National Gardening Week.

Tea is the way to a gardener's heart here at St Andrew's Hospice.

Patients Mick, Dave, Mick, Frank, William and Barrie are members of our Gardening Club, and to mark National Gardening Week, are sharing a poem with us.

Mick, Dave, Frank and Mick also attend the hospice's creative writing group and they wrote it especially.


Called 'Gardening For Tea Addicts', one of the Micks (Mick Handsley) filmed it for our delight...


The Gardening Club runs weekly, and members care for plants in an indoor greenhouse and an outdoor flower and vegetable garden with raised beds.

We welcome donations of small clean plant pots and potting compost, and someone with a keen interest in gardening to volunteer support for the group for a few hours on a Thursday morning would be much appreciated. Call us on 01472 350908 if you can help.

We would also welcome guest speakers (garden related, of course!).

Here's the full text of the poem...

Gardening For Tea Addicts

Planting plan...

2 rows of lettuce

Let us get started in the garden

Let us grab our gloves and a cup of tea

4 rows of squash

                    Squash lethargy

                    Squash the weeds

                    Squash the slugs

Squash the teabags into the compost

4 rows of beetroot

          Be true to the seasons

          Be true to yourself

          Be true to the laws of nature

          Be true to the brew

5 rows of turnip

          Turn up your trousers and sleeves

          Turn up with your hoe

          Turn up the ground

          Turn up the worms

          Turn up with the tea

3 rows of beans

          Been and grown that already

          Been and weeded that last week!!

          Been and ordered another cuppa

3 rows of peas

Peace and tranquillity to be found outdoors

          Find peace in growing things

          Therapy, tea and vitamin D

5 rows of thyme

          No time like the present

          Time waits for no-one

          A time to sow and a time to reap

          Time to stand and stare

          And always...

Time for another cup of tea!

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