Strictly Come Dancing professional and hospice ambassador Joanne Clifton is third on the leader board.

The weekend's Strictly Come Dancing was a movie-themed blockbuster, and saw hospice ambassador Joanne Clifton and her celebrity partner come third on the leader board.

Jo and TV presenter Ore Oduba scored an impressive 35 on the third episode of one of the nation's most popular TV shows with their American Smooth routine to Singin' In The Rain.

Actor Gene Kelly will forever be remembered for his dance in the film, splashing about in a water-logged street.

And to Joanne's joy, his widow Patricia said it was a "beautiful tribute to Gene".

She said: "He (Gene) never wanted people to imitate his work. He wanted them to take what he did and create something new.

"Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton did this with grace and style. Gene always said that the point of his Singing' In The Rain number was to bring joy. Oduba and Clifton achieved this in their own way.

"It made me smile to know that Gene is still very much present and 'alive' in  the hearts and minds of very talented young people.

"Thank you for your graciousness and for affirming something else that was important to Gene - that it is okay for guys to dance. I was proud of you; he would have been too."

This week, Eastenders actress Tameka Empson and her professional dance partner Gorka Marquez became the second couple to be voted off. They were in the dance-off with Laura Whitmore and Giovanni Pernice.

Joanne was appointed the hospice's ambassador early last year. Throughout the series of Strictly, we will be monitoring her progress on Saturday and Sunday nights on our social media channels: and @helpstandrews on Twitter. We hope you can join us in supporting her... keeeep dancing!


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