We're seeking funding to become more energy efficient through a series of innovative projects which will improve our carbon footprint and make us more financially sustainable.

As with any business, energy costs are a substantial use of our resource and absolutely essential to us providing a suitable environment to support for members of our community who are in need of palliative or end of life care.

We would like to embark on a series of energy saving innovations to not only reduce our costs, but also reduce our impact on the environment. We are currently seeking funding in excess of £100,000 to finance a range of energy saving innovations, including:

  • Installing full air conditioning and an evaporative cooling system to all clinical bedrooms to enhance patient and staff health and well-being;
  • replacing existing heating boilers with air source heat pumps to save energy costs;
  • installing solar panels on the Hospice roofing system to reduce electricity costs;
  • repairing the leaking roof over the children’s unit;
  • covering the Hospice roof with heat resistant paint to reduce inside temperatures and assist newly installed air conditioning systems to be more efficient.

This ‘future proofing’ project will allow us to provide a comfortable environment throughout the year for patients and staff alike, combating rising summer temperatures whilst also reducing our carbon footprint, lowering our energy consumption and playing our part in addressing climate change.
The additional savings to our expenditure that we expect to see as a consequence of these investments will give us a level of financial sustainability and could, for example, fund an increase in clinical staff.

In order to enhance our chance of success in our funding applications we need to demonstrate public support for our project so we need everyone who believes this to be a worthwhile project to ‘like’ this post on facebook and share it to your friends. A message of support as a user or friend of the Hospice would be even better – you can post this as a reply to our facebook post or send it in an email to hello@standrewshospice.co.uk

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