Dr Cassie Varah, who works in both our adult and children's hospice, explains what hospice care is to her.

Dr Cassie Varah, who trained as a doctor in 2006, works at St Andrew’s Hospice.

“I decided to go into medicine with a strong desire to help people and to make a change for the better in people’s lives,” she said.

“I have trained as a GP and really enjoyed all aspects of that work, but particularly throughout studying and training, I found working in palliative care – in other words, working with people who are at the end of their lives – rewarding."

She continued: “I was delighted when there was an opportunity to join the hospice. It’s a different approach to medicine. We often feel like we should be trying to cure people and get them better. Unfortunately that’s not always possible; the only thing we know in life is that death comes to us all at some point, so palliative medicine offers the opportunity to do what we can and to provide quality in what time they have left.

“Working as part of the team at St Andrew’s is wonderful. It’s an inspiring team and everyone is incredibly caring .We get to meet fantastic people, and this very much includes patients, as we find out about the amazing stories they have to tell and the things they have done with their lives. Being a part of their journey is a real honour and privilege.”

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