Lynn Andrews tell us what hospice care means from her perspective.

Lynn Andrews is the head of nursing at St Andrew’s, and has enjoyed a 30-year career in the discipline, most of which was spent at the local acute hospital. She moved to the hospice three years ago.

“I have always been passionate about end-of-life care and nursing care standards,” she said. “Moving to St Andrew’s gave me the opportunity to do what I always wanted to do.

“I originally came here to work as the lead nurse within the adult hospice. Since then, I have had the chance to move into the post of head of nursing for adults and children’s services. They are very diverse and interesting, and I have fantastic teams who are pivotal to providing the care our patients need."

She continued: “We are so privileged because we not only look after the patient, we also look after the whole family – and that’s the part that makes us different from a hospital setting, for example.

“When a person arrives here, generally the rest of the family comes too, and we have a team to support that, from complementary therapists to creativity assistants who work with them to make memories to treasure. We do whatever the person or their family wants, for example, a barbeque or a pizza night – anything goes here.

“A child recently stayed with us who was resident at a hospice in another part of the country and whose family had always wanted to have a holiday by the seaside with the child. It was arranged for the child and their family to stay with us to make that happen.

“We look after children from birth to their early 20s, with the option, should they need it, to transition to adult services. We have the ability to look after any person of any age, under one roof.”

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