The national awareness week ends on Sunday.

Today marks the start of the sixth annual Hospice Care Week.

The nationwide initiative is organised by Hospice UK to raise the profile of hospice care.

This year the theme is ‘Hospice care is…’, to highlight the many and varied aspects of the care hospices provide, and what it can mean to people, their families and the community.

As always, St Andrew’s is taking part by posting articles throughout the week on this website and sharing messages on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Did you know hospice care…

  • Is high quality and personalised for adults and children living with terminal and life-limiting illnesses, supporting them to live life as fully as possible.
  • Is there for everyone who needs it, no matter how young or old, and supports people with a wide variety of illnesses.
  • Is built around what is important to the individual and their loved ones.
  • Is provided wherever someone may be – not just in in a hospice building.
  • Puts the needs of the individual at its centre.

And here are some common myths about hospice care…

  • It’s only for the elderly.
  • Only those with cancer are cared for.
  • It is completely funded by the NHS.
  • It is based around a building.
  • It’s only for those in their final days.

With your help, we can bust these and other myths during Hospice Care Week. Look out for the hashtag #HospiceCareWeek on social media and get sharing!

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