Kyle has raised £1,300by running the London Marathon.

What a winner!

Kyle Oakes, 22, from Grimsby, has raised £1,300 so far for St Andrew's Hospice by running the London Marathon on Sunday.

Kyle, who has mild cerebral palsy, crossed the finishing line in about 10,400th place out of almost 40,000 runners... what an achievement!

He said: "I hit a wall at about three hours 18 minutes, which was annoying, but it meant that I actually began to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy my surroundings. This marathon has been the hardest, but definitely the most enjoyable. If I get a place, I will do it again next year. I like to prove to myself that I can do it, and push myself."

It's Kyle's third marathon, alongside a host of 10k races and others.

"Because I run all of the time, it's not as hard now," he explained. "To train for a marathon, I go out running four or five times a week, covering between 50 and 60 miles. When I first started, I would sprint but I then got used to pacing myself. The first 10k I did was in 44 minutes; my best 10k was at Covenham, when I completed it in 39 minutes. I really enjoy doing them."

And there's no stopping him - he's doing a 10k in Canada in August and the York Marathon in October.

You can still sponsor Kyle by visiting

And tune into Compass FM at about 4.50pm today (April 26) to hear him being interviewed by presenter Ross Carrick, who's pictured here with our champion fundraiser!

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