This funding is in support of the new Information Hub which will be located in the main Hub of St Andrew’s Hospice.

We have recently received some funding from the Morrison’s Foundation. This funding is in support of the new Information Hub which will be located downstairs in the main Hub of St Andrew’s Hospice on Peaks Lane in Grimsby.

In short, the Info Hub will provide a project that uses tablet-based technology to provide support resources to patients and prospective patients, their families and carers. This would take the form of web-connected tablets and screens which provide interactivity, which would be located within our hospice hub space which is an accessible, safe, welcoming and friendly atrium with seating areas, gardens and a refectory. In addition, one or more tablets could be taken out into the community for specific events and when we are exhibiting at shows, exhibitions and fayres.

The Info Hub would allow access to all our services and information, as well as other resources, where staff will also be on hand to help when patients and their families are ready and they can provide support. This information base would also be replicated on our wider web-based platform to create extensive reach and accessibility.

With this project we currently aim to help patients to live well through being as in control of their condition as possible and, where appropriate, achieve the things that are important to them. Particularly it would enable us to help individuals who are socially isolated and excluded, maybe due to their health condition and or bereavement, as well as those with mobility or other issues such as Autism, Motor Neurone Disease (MND), Arthritis etc., to become supported and included. Some of our patients and their families are also intellectually disabled and have little social structure in their lives, which the project would help to alleviate.

Our Hub is visited daily by over 80 people. This includes members of the public who come to use our resources, relax and visit our restaurant “Appetite” which is open seven days a week.  In addition, our patients, their family and carers and staff also use the Hub and restaurant. Consequently, we believe the Patient information Centre has the potential to reach, support and provide access to several thousand people annually.

Specifically the funding that Morrison’s have given is to provide the “additional work” research etc. pump prime the project.  Amanda Stevenson, Morrison’s Community Champion, came to visit the hospice on Monday 29th October and met with Mrs Daisy Bell, (who attends the Hospice on a Monday to join her friends at the Knit and Natter group), Hannah Spalding (Wellbeing Services Coordinator), David Walker (Charity Fundraising and Events Coordinator) and Lesley Charlesworth-Browne (Deputy CEO) to explain why Morrison’s Foundation wanted to contribute towards the Info Hub. Amanda was also shown around the site of the hospice which cost £15,000 per day to keep running.

Our Wellbeing Project is relatively new in just its 2nd year since formal implementation.  We have introduced a new way of providing day services for those with life limiting conditions which offers a flexible service to our patients and clients, and for some addressing some of their social isolation and exclusion issues as well as helping to maintain their independence, self-pride and self-worth. This service, like our others, is free to patients at the point of delivery.

The cost of the Wellbeing project annually is close to £400,000. We meet this budget through, donations, fundraising, generated income and grants from trusts such as the Morrison’s Foundation. The benefit of any grant towards the Hospice is greatly appreciated particularly in terms of unrestricted funding for specific projects. Any funding received goes directly to the project and doesn’t cover core costs unless specifically approved.

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