Its officially the year of the nurse, in memory of what would have been Florence Nightingale's 200th birthday. Throughout the year we will be talking to our wonderful team of nurses to find out more about them and their roles at St Andrew's Hospice. First up we're meeting Sarah Holloway, our new Head of Children's Services.

We are delighted to start the Year of the Nurse by officially welcoming our new Head of Children’s Services, Sarah Holloway to our team.

Originally from Birmingham, Sarah trained in London where she spent 15 years in Adult Oncology and adult care before changing her focus to pediatric oncology. During this time working with young people with cancers, Sarah specialised in brain tumours. She returned to Birmingham to work with children with brain tumours and palliative care needs.

2 years ago, Sarah joined the Macmillan team, based here at St Andrew’s Hospice. She continued to focus on providing care for children and young people, and when the opportunity arose to join our children’s hospice, we couldn’t think of a better fit.

Sarah has big plans for Andy’s. She recently made the children's hospice a 24/7 service and families are now benefiting from the freedom to book their respite 12 months in advance. This flexibility means that our children and their families are more able to access care and support when they need it. 

She has also started looking at the way we provide day services for the children. She hopes to make changes to this service in the near future so the children get a bigger benefit from their time with us.

Did you know…

Sarah has a busy household, with 3 teenagers and a much loved cat.

She is an outdoorsy type, and loves walking, horse riding and is a huge cricket fan.

Sarah’s favourite songs are Christmas in LA by the Killers and Times like these by Foo Fighters.   


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