She's a finalist in the Daily Mirror Animal Hero Awards.

Therapy dog Bonnie, a regular visitor to the hospice for several years before she recently retired, is one of the finalists in the Daily Mirror Animal Hero Awards. 

The red carpet ceremony is being held at the Grosvenor Hotel, in London, this week, hosted by Amanda Holden and televised, along with a champagne reception and a five-course meal. 

Owner Vicky Burn said that at 15 years old, Bonnie will be giving the ceremony a miss. Bonnie is completely deaf and has recently recovered from a stroke, so she will stay at home with Vicky's husband, and Vicky will travel to London with a fellow volunteer from the charity Therapy Dogs Nationwide. 

The person who nominated Bonnie asked to remain anonymous but the nomination is to do with Bonnie's work with children at the hospice and also dog-phobic children.

Good luck Bonnie!

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