Solar panels are reducing our costs.

The St Andrew’s Hospice shop in Freeman Street, Grimsby, is going green.

Photovoltaic solar panels, known as PV panels, have been installed at the store.

The hospice has been approached by Grimsby Community Energy, a solar share not-for-profit project, and we have agreed to a supply contract, should the project be a success.

You can find out more about the project, which works through community investment, here.

Geoff Jago, head of finance and support services, said: “St Andrew’s is delighted to be a potential customer of Grimsby Community Energy.

“We have our own solar panels at the actual hospice in Peaks Lane and we are proud to say that since they were switched on about 18 months ago, we have generated more than 37,000 kilowatts and saved 25 tonnes of CO2, not to mention the money saved and the feed in tariff payments we have received.

“Power generated at the hospice over 12 months is enough to supply about eight houses on average."

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