We wanted to celebrate the second month of the Year of the Nurse by talking to another relatively new face, this time on our Adults’ inpatient unit.

Helga Hammond joined us as a Registered Nurse last summer.

Originally from Aachen, Germany, Helga grew up in West Berlin where she met her (now) husband whilst he was stationed over there in the army.

The couple returned to the UK, and Helga’s first job in a care setting was whilst working as a Housekeeper at Colchester General Hospital. Due to the nature of her husband’s job, they moved around quite often, and so when moving to Chicksands, Bedfordshire, Helga took a position as a Carer in the Community, from which she was able to transfer to working with Intermediate Care, providing support and care to people in their homes so that they can increase their independence.

From here, Helga transferred to Biggleswade Hospital (Rehabilitation Hospital) as a Rehabilitation Assistant. This gave her the stepping stone she needed to train as a nurse and in 2009 she qualified as a Staff Nurse, working in the Dementia Ward at Bedford Hospital.

In 2016, Helga and her husband moved to Grimsby, and Helga was offered a job with the 'Home from Home' team at Navigo. Upon its closure later that year, Helga joined the medical short stay and frailty ward at Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby.

Last year, Helga joined us at St Andrew’s Hospice and has never looked back:

"The reason I like working at St Andrew's Hospice is that every individual staff member and volunteer, are so committed, the love and passion everybody gives to each individual is just so beautiful to observe. I am able to spend more time and care for patients without rushing about. I am proud to be a part of this team."

Outside of work, Helga is a keen sportswoman who will try her hand at anything. She particularly enjoys playing football, running and triathlon, but most of all she loves playing rugby, which is something she did with the army wives whilst stationed over in Germany.

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