We wanted to take the time to celebrate another one of our incredible nurses as part of the Year of the Nurse. This time we catch up with our amazing Katie Wright, Advanced Nurse Assistant (ANA) currently working in Andy’s.

From a very young age Katie knew that she wanted to work with children. She initially worked in an education setting but soon realised that she wanted to spend a lot more time providing extra care and support for the individual children who are in most need, helping them to experience things that most may take for granted.


After a visit to Andy’s, Katie felt she had found her perfect fit and she began her training immediately. She started training at Andy’s in 2016, learning on-the-job so she got to experience the full range of services early on. Katie is now a fully qualified Advanced Nursing Assistant (ANA). She describes her training as high standard and supportive.  After 4 years, she says she feels like part of the furniture, and does not see herself working anywhere else. She describes her colleagues as her work family and knows that even in these challenging times “there is always someone to talk to and Andy’s could not support her any more than they do now”.

And the team feel the same way about Katie. Her Line manager Sarah describes her as “such a positive member of the team, with a can-do attitude. I know if I give something to Katie to get done it will come back to me having been completed to the best standard.


As well as the positive, Katie has experienced the hospice as the recipient of our services. Unfortunately, Katie has lost people here including a niece at Andy’s and 3 grandparents at St Andrew’s Hospice. This has given her an insight to the emotional battles that patients and their families face and even more determination to provide the upmost care. She realised, at her difficult time, how much the staff at the hospice were helping her family and now dedicates herself to doing her very best as a way of showing her appreciation.


Katie describes her role as flexible and supportive. She supports her patients in whatever capacity they need and provides individual and holistic care for the whole family. She says that she “becomes whatever the family need her to be”. And between her and her work family, they create an individual, daily care plan that ensures that patients’ needs are met in every way.  One of her favourite memories is when she helped arrange and care for a family when their child wanted to visit the cinema. She explained that she works within Andy’s, the community, home settings, or anywhere else to ensure that every precious moment matters.


Future plans for Katie include her training to be a fully qualified nurse in paediatric care. In time she would like to specialise further into patient’s mental health, in particular providing support for siblings. When asked to give advice to future and trainee medical staff Katie says her motto was that “if you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything”.


We, At Andy’s and St Andrew’s Hospice would like to thank her for everything she is doing and hope she remains with us for many more years. We would also like to end on another positive note from Katie’s line Manager; “The word ‘caring’ is a bit of a cliché but it really sums Katie up. She has the children and families she works with right at the centre of everything she does. She also looks after her colleagues, not in an abstract way but by doing practical things to ensure their wellbeing.”

Did you know

  • Katie has 7 Godchildren
  • She is a twin
  • Katie has a cat called Libby


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