Together For Short Lives has launched a recruitment campaign.

Did you know...

  • There are more than 50,000 children and young people in the UK who are expected to have short lives and the number is rising.
  • The shortage of qualified nurses providing children's palliative care in the voluntary sector is having a negative impact on care

Together For Short Lives, the national charity that we're a member of, has launched a new film to encourage nurses into children's palliative care.

Two thirds of voluntary services surveyed by UK charity Together for Short Lives reported that a shortage in nurses is resulting in a reduced offer of care to families: closing beds, reducing respite or affecting the continuity of care. Nurse vacancy rates in children’s palliative care voluntary sector is currently 10%, higher than the NHS nurse vacancy rate (7%).

And the charity’s annual vacancy surveys show the negative impact on services is increasing year on year - in 2014 43% of respondents said they reduced the service offered to families as a result of vacancies, in 2015 this had increased to 65% reporting their vacancies were affecting the amount of care they can offer to families.

Together for Short Lives has launched You Can Be That Nurse, a campaign to encourage nurses to work in the sector and help bridge the care gap. 

Barbara Gelb, CEO of Together for Short Lives, said: "We need to encourage more nurses to join a brilliantly committed, intelligent and hard working group of children’s palliative care nurses who are dedicating their skills and passion to caring for and supporting children, young people and their families."


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